Open Wallet is an omni-channel solution for hosting both consumer and agent based mobile money accounts


Comprehensive Wallet Management System features include

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    Transaction Agnostic

    Support multiple transactions like wallet to core banking, bill payments, QR, POS payments etc

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    Intuitive Monitoring

    Monitoring of transaction messages with latency and turn around statistics

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    Offers a back office for business wallets, customer wallet management, and onboarding in bulk

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    A separate GL module is also available for managing the general ledger of all financial transactions


OpenWallet provides a unique range of benefits

  • Multi-purpose

    Can be used by individuals or businesses.

  • Multi-Transaction Support

    Supports multiple transactions, including cash in, cash out, transfers from bank accounts to mobile wallets (and vice versa), third party transfers, bill payments, merchant payments, and send money in bulk for salary disbursements, amongst others.

  • Validation

    Clearly designed KYC attributes, for CNIC, card number, gender etc. KYC Sets can be made to group KYC attributes together to determine the KYC attributes required for a specific account holder.

  • Limit Management

    Limits can also be set with ease, for example: Transaction Amount Limits, Account Movement Limits etc.

  • Fee Management

    Our solution has a flexible product definition, including definition of taxes and fees for different transactions